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Bean appearing as bachelor #3 a special edition of Blind Date, and ends up enjoying a romantic English country getaway with lovely blonde Tracy. She has appeared in Channel 4's Misfits and starred alongside Inbetweeners actors Simon Bird and Joe Thomas in Sky’s Chickens.The two are said to have met during the 2013 run of at Wyndham's Theatre.Atkinson split from his wife Sunetra Sastry back in February 2014 after 23 years of marriage.The County Durham-born actor and his wife, who have two children, are reported to have split last year.Andrew Newbury, head of family law at Slater and Gordon, said: "Unreasonable behaviour is the most common ground for divorce. Everybody just loves him but what about his love life? He first married Sunetra Sastry but the relationship ended in a divorce.estranged wife of Rowan is most probably single these days.

Renowned actor Stephen Fry served as Atkinson's best man as per the report on Guardian in 2008. They ended their 24 years long relationship in just 65 seconds by a court in London.

"Even in the happiest of marriages, it's always possible to find behaviour which can be described as unreasonable." Mr Newbury said such behaviour could include complaints that "she talks too much", or "he never listens", or that a husband "always wants to go out with friends".

• Mr Bean to the rescue: Rowan Atkinson helps man injured in car crash He added: "Although described as granting a divorce, the divorce itself won't be made final until Sunetra Atkinson applies for the decree absolute. She may well be advised by her lawyers to delay the application until the financial settlement has been agreed.

Looking back over the last quarter century, one can’t help but think of endless classic Bean moments from the series.

Whether its seeing him tool around town in his iconic yellow-Mini, his difficulty in ‘dressing a turkey’, or his memorable take on the Christmas nativity scene at Harrods with miniature army men and Daleks as the principle players, no one can deny that is timeless telly.


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