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The 33-year-old former Miss England star retweeted a fan who suggested: ‘I think #CBB should put @Miss DLloyd in,’ with accompanying crying/monkey face emojis.The former X Factor hopeful was previously rumoured to be entering the house in the initial line-up, so could he simply have a delayed entry?I’ve been eager for the writers to pick a couple of characters and devote an episode to their stories so that viewers can marinate in their issues, not make us simply sample their stories like we’re at a giant buffet table and expected to try 17 different items really quickly without taking the time to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate each one individually.Yes, slowing things down and narrowing the focus can be challenging to do when you have a sprawling cast, but honestly, we don’t need to hear from every character in every episode.He has also done a couple of roles on the small screen.

According to reports, the guy's name is Jeff Ortega, a businessman in La Union.

Long ago, in season one, Crosby and Jasmine were passionate partners bound by the birth of an exceedingly cute son, Jabbar, and what seemed like natural chemistry.

All of this quickly went south, however, when Crosby impulsively slept with another woman and Jasmine responded by shutting down, emotionally.

But who’s offering themselves up to be judged, scorned and potentially served as a victim to Speidi? The beloved (sort of) Irish duo Jedward are apparently heading back into the house following their first stint back in 2011.

Considering they were previously rumoured to be entering the show, along with having a new single out called OXYGEN, we’d say they were pretty firm bets to be entering the fray once again.


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