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Oh, hey Oh, yeah, oh, yeah To you Mmm, mmm, mmm Oh, yeah, babe My whole life has changed (My whole life has changed) Since you came in (since you came in) I knew back then (I knew back then) You were that special one (you were that one) I'm so in love (so in love) So deep in love (so deep in love) You make my life complete(you complete me) You are so sweet (are so sweet) No one competes (no one competes) Glad you came into my life (my life) You blind me with your love (love) with you I have no sight (no sight) Girl you open me I'm wide open And I'm doing things I never do But I feel so good, I feel so good Why it take so long for me finding you?R&B singer Ginuwine says there is nothing going on with him and actress Lisa Raye, contrary to online rumors that suggested the former “Pony” singer was involved with Raye after the video shoot for his new single “Last Chance”.Solé started her career as a hardcore female rap/hip-hop artist by attracting attention in the summer of 1999 with her appearance on J. In September 1999 she released her debut album Skin Deep which was an overall success in the United States. "Who Dat" reached #1 on the US Rap chart, #2 on the US R&B chart, and #5 on the US Hot 100.The song was titled "Make it hot" and the video was released via You Tube on June 30, 2012.The video received many positive reviews from Solé and Ginuwine's fans.Setting the record straight, Ginuwine sat down with Sister 2 Sister Magazine’s Jamie Foster Brown recently.

Signed to Epic Records since the mid-1990s, Ginuwine had released a number of multi-platinum and platinum-selling al...I was never crazy or cursing all day, I was never that kind of person. If it’s someone who talks too much, then you have your answer if you’re going on a second date or not. Dress appropriately If a woman comes out half-dressed or showing something she shouldn’t show on the first date, a man would tend to stare at that or be interested in just that. If the breath or underarms are stinking or the back of your heels is ashy and crusty, that’s not good at all. Basically it’s about having the ideal husband, but it’s also saying that everybody has secrets.I’m not saying don’t dress great, because you want to feel sexy and do your thing and you want to be attracted to each other. In order for you to proceed or be happy in life, you must forgive also and cleanse your heart in order for you to be healed. If you don’t forgive someone, you’re actually hurting yourself, because you’re living in that pain and hurt. Don’t expect the goodies on the first night If you’re two grown folks, you know what you’re getting into. My wife teaches etiquette, and I had to learn that as well. What’s the difference for you in dating as a single man and dating as a married man? Ginuwine: When I was single, I was expecting that thing at night!When you get that liquor inside of you, you start getting a little loose and letting people know who you really are. When I was ‘out there’, I really didn’t mind it because I didn’t have any secrets. She already is with someone, and she still likes me so we get back together.alongside Darrin Dewitt Henson, Clifton Powell, Jackée Harry and Shirley Murdock. Me, honestly, if I’m taking somebody out for the first time, I’m not saying that if we did something I wouldn’t be with them. You could plan something out, but also something out of the ordinary. Make conversation Don’t let long periods of silence happen. It can be, but you determine that by whom it is that you’re with and how you have grown. I’m glad that she’s not that complex where I’m trying to figure out what the hell she likes to do. Those are the two things that people do anyway, but we actually love to do.


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