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Popular Mollywood star Dileep has denied that he has divorced his actress-wife Manju Warrier in order to continue his ‘affair’ with the recently-divorced Kavya Madhavan.

Dileep and Manju fell in love and married in 1998 when Manju’s career was going great guns.

She says he did mistake and as a sister, it is her duty to correct him, offers to share lunch again. Ishwari asks him to have lunch Dev says he does not want Sona to crib that he is late, so he will rush. She says she is in passport office and he can come there or meet Suhana in the evening.

He says she is big cha’s daughter and he is his junior, she should promise that she will not let big cha scold him, etc.. He says what does she mean, she purposefully took Suhana to other side of city, he needs 1 hour to reach there, but he will. Sona waits and gives lime juice to Suhana and asks to finish it as she has to attend activity class. Just when Dev reaches, Sona without noticing Dev asks driver to move. Sona drops Suhana to activity class and reaches home.

At age 80, John seems to be ready to retire and according to the Feb.

24th print edition of GLOBE Magazine he has asked the powers-that-be to start to figure out his exit story line.

Writing an exit for the character is actually easy because Victor has made a multitude of enemies over the years.

Dev is surprised and gets very happy, says even he was missing her. Sourav takes Ronita to a restaurant for a brunch date. Dev asks to let him speak to his daughter, he is coming there right now. He takes out phone from bag and video calls Dev, says what is his mission. Teacher says Golu’s mistakes have increased, he can collect phone from office after paying fine. Dev says his daughter wants to meet him and does not need her permission to meet her daughter. He thinks why she is behaving well today, he should inform Dev. Dev speaks and says he sent phone via Golu to speak to her.As per latest buzz, the movie has been christened as ‘Papanasam‘.After dubbed into Telugu and Kannada and scoring stupendous success, there are more expectations on Tamil remake.Subscribe today for only .95 a month for unlimited digital access to, the daily e Paper and Platinum Rewards, which gives you hundreds of dollars in coupons.


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