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An essential (and, these days, ubiquitous) precaution is to stagger the date of the stag do to a comfortable distance before the wedding – ideally enough time for an indelible marker gringo moustache to work itself off the face.

Hilarious scenes involving naked stags running to the church carrying sawn off railings might make for a good TV cliché, but you don’t want it happening in real life.

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Instead of all the trouble of scrolling through the movie lists on Netflix, one Twitter user has comp It's always a bit nerve-wracking when your boyfriend or girlfriend heads off on a holiday with their mates.He spent his final years as a passionate advocate for Algerian immigrants and Palestinian refugees.During the interim, Genet wrote “The Maids,” a 1947 play that looks back with both anger and compassion at the humiliation of his youth.The accompanying story — first published by Louisville's Courier Journal, which like the Free Press is part of the USA TODAY Network — identified Dao, who'd spent the last decade residing with his wife in a small Kentucky community near Fort Knox, as a Vietnamese-trained pulmonary disease specialist who'd spent five years on probation after being convicted of writing fraudulent prescriptions in 2004.Medical licensing board records cited by the Courier-Journal (and the news service accounts that quickly followed) suggested that Dao had written the prescriptions in an attempt to ingratiate himself with an employee in whom he was sexually interested.A fellow passenger's video of the incident broadcast the hapless Kentucky physician's humiliation around the world.


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