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There is no one and only definition of an Australian woman because Australia is a massive country that draws people from all over the world.

However, they can mostly be described as fun loving, outgoing and confident, with a great passion for outdoor activities, especially ones on the beach!

I want to visit Australia one day, it seems so beautiful, and I'll admit that I've got a thing for Australian men, especially the Aussie Cowboys. lol Anyway I've also heard the opposite, that Australians hate Americans.

strikes them as just another american child behavior.

Now I know this is more likely a stereotype more than anything, but I was still curious as to how many actually do like American women. Of course everybody is unique and this description will certainly not fit every Australian woman but those listed with us tend to be terrific examples of Down Under beauty.Australians tend to be fit and to have tanned bodies and fair facial features. A beautiful Australian woman is one who will leave you breathless and, best of all, will make for a partner who is independent, free spirited, and fun!Although the author focused on American women, in fact women from the USA barely make it into the top ten list with regards to those granted partner visas.As you can see from this source, women from various Asian countries (particularly China.There is no state religion, however over 60 % of Australians are counted as Christian.


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